Thursday, September 11, 2008

out and about

I got a bike today!! Horray for Iduna!! and Danka! I love this bike I had to get used to the hand break as well as peddle break, and the high high high handlebars. I road around the block for a while, then headed out and followed other bikers to get the low down. And here it is, you ride your bike anywhere you want. You can ride on the sidewalk, on the road, going the wrong way on a one way street, and into a restaurant. Bikes rule Dresden, but you do have to watch out for cars. Here also is some Dresden wildlife, a little doggy. There are also everywhere, and so well trained they just walk along with their owners, this is really amazing. This cute dog came out of a store while I stopped to take this picture of the cobblestone road (ouch) he trotted out, gave me a sniff and a look and casually strolled back in. They are also so used to people that they almost never bark, or look at you when you pass.

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