Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Upcoming solo exhibition at Ohio Art League

Sunbonnet Sue in Trouble

Works by Melissa Vogley Woods
Curated by Helma Groot

Ohio Art League
Fri Feb,1st 2008 6-9 pm members preview opening
Sat Feb, 3rd 2008 6-9 pm Gallery Hop opening

Sunbonnet Sue is a traditional American quilt pattern; the small characters are often portrayed in a grid layout with multiple Sunbonnet Sue’s tucked safely into their own block. Melissa Vogley Wood’s interest in this character stems from its inherent ambiguities as a metaphor of icon and persona. In these works, the artist releases this intrinsically symbolic character to investigate the inevitable mayhem created in their encounters.

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  1. Hello I am so happy to see Sunbonnet Sue in trouble for once! Ha a just kidding! signed NANA