Saturday, November 3, 2007

columbus art capital of the world!

This subject is keeping me from my studio, but I had to post, Columbus the art capital of the world, title is great, I want to also point out that this is a beginning, a catalyst , from this "Movement" there can be innovative and cutting edge philosophies, and art created, changes that can be made with a beginning like this. What is so great about "Indie" is that it is so very true, you have to do it your self here, We don't have to contemplate if some other city in more "Indie" than us, we just need to take action. What are other ideas for action that could be implemented? Is it possible to create a unified vision that spans small and large arts organizations, I think so, and I also believe it has to start with the smaller and more experimental groups and movements.
nothin' to it but to do it!
Make it in columbus!

I have proposed a public art day as my part in the movement. I will keep you posted!

Here is a section of my email to other organizers:Hi, I am wanting to put in your ear again of the idea a day of Public art. I am thinking artists writers, etc. create a few pieces each and mount them (legally of coarse) on a chosen day, perhaps gallery hop? Documentation can occur as posts to columbus indie capital website. This could be once or twice a year,
> cost would be minimal, I would think a distribution of fliers, and blog/e-vites. I like this idea because it is all inclusive easy to participate and can be on many different levels, performance, "installation" posters, drawings, objects left here and there.

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